Saltimbocca alla romana

A weekday favorite from Rome: saltimbocca alla romana

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In search of an easy, quick recipe for weekday dinners? Try saltimbocca alla romana!

This tasty main course originated in Rome, but quickly earned a place on family dinner tables nationwide. The name, literally meaning “jumps in the mouth”, is well deserved: light, delicious, and easy to make, this preparation is beloved by grown ups and kids alike.

Growing up, the Ruffoni children loved it with lots of sauce, served with a steaming pile of soft mashed potatoes. These days balsamic brussels sprouts and glazed carrots are a more frequent pairing.

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Famiglia Ruffoni

In the Ruffoni family, cooking is the language of love.
Many of our most cherished memories are linked to cooking and eating together and, even when physically apart, we always discuss old family recipes, share newly discovered ingredients and techniques, and show off our culinary creations through texts and video calls.

In this blog we collect simple, delicious recipes of the Italian heritage, as they have been handed down through generations of Ruffoni, along with more recent additions by our youngest family members.