Beware of imitations

Ruffoni fakes are on the rise: here's how to ensure authenticity and savor genuine craftsmanship

For years, we've known our work is often copied. This started back in the 1980s when we created the first porcelain fondue insert, which turned a rarely used item into a multifunctional piece.

It continued in the '90s when our small workshop was the first in the world to bring traditional copper hammering to clad stainless steel, an innovation now adopted by many manufacturers, in Europe and especially Asia.

These days, we receive emails and messages from our loyal customers telling us about products "inspired" by our iconic elements — on a daily basis!

Within the walls of our workshop, we have long chosen to take these copies as a compliment, and use them as motivation for continuous improvement, pushing us to create beautiful, functional products that lead the way, never follow.

However, some replicas have become increasingly shameless. As you can see in the video below, there are full-fledged counterfeit goods that deceive consumers by bearing our logo, using our brand name and packaged in boxes that mimic ours. This is why we’ve decided to speak up.

At first look, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these pans look pretty similar to our Opus Prima! But upon closer inspection, many differences emerge:

  • The knobs on the counterfeits are roughly shaped and poorly attached
  • The handles are not angled properly nor firmly attached
  • The hammering is overly uniform and machine-made...

Most importantly, these pans are made of a thin layer of steel, not the high-quality clad stainless steel we use. So while they might be used for decoration, these are clearly not fit for cooking.

When investing in Ruffoni, we encourage you to pay attention to detail and choose only reputable retailers or our official website to ensure authenticity and the exceptional experience our brand guarantees. Only originals ensure the unparalleled quality of materials used, the artisanal expertise invested in every detail, the reliable country of origin, and the superior performance and durability we proudly uphold.