A new vegetable to fall in love with – and the easiest way to prep it: braised fennel

A new vegetable to fall in love with – and the easiest way to prep it: braised fennel

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In the Ruffoni family we strongly believe that even the simplest recipe can be elevated to take a special pride of place on the table.

This is the case of braised fennels, a recipe from the cucina povera (lit. poor cooking) Italian tradition that gets a boost from lemon zest – a sour, unexpected note that marries perfectly with the mildly sweet flavor of cooked fennel – and, of course, the right serving vessel.

Despite fennels being an unusual choice in the US – far from the "everyday veggies" that are broccoli or green beans – this Mediterranean vegetable known as finocchio has been used for centuries in Italy. In the peninsula, we like to serve fennel on its own – raw, sliced in a fresh salad with vibrant citrus segments and briny black olives – as a side dish – cooked to accompany pork, chicken, sausage and lamb – or as an ingredient in hearty soups (minestrone) and stews.

Intrigued? Look for fresh, plump mid-sized fennels and bring them home to try our simple and delicious braised fennel recipe.

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