Glazed carrots

From midweek dinners to the Holiday table: Brown Sugar Glazed Carrots

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Often relegated to the confines of a crudité platter or considered a mere component in everyday recipes like soffritto (mirepoix), carrots are rarely given the opportunity to shine on their own. But what a missed opportunity that is! Those root vegetables, loved by children and adults alike, have the potential to take center stage as a healthy yet delicious side dish.

Whether you're in search of a vegetarian addition to your Holiday table or a quick and easy weeknight dinner option, our glazed carrots recipe elevates the natural sweetness of this humble vegetable with just a handful of everyday pantry staples.

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Owen Wyatt

A California native, Chef Owen Wyatt spent several years working in restaurants before deciding to go to culinary school.
Graduated from the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in 2013, he has since worked at some of the best restaurants around the country, including prestigious Chef Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bistro and Ad Lib, and he’s now the Culinary Director of Hestan Smart Cooking.
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