Blog_Elevating the ultimate comfort food: polenta with quail eggs and truffle

Elevating the ultimate comfort food: polenta with quail eggs and truffle

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When the leaves start to darken and the days get shorter, in Piemonte it's time for polenta – the ultimate cold-weather comfort food. For long considered the staple food of farmers in Northern Italy, these days the simple, tasty cornmeal porridge is experiencing a well-deserved renaissance on the tables of many Italian homes and Italian restaurants abroad.

Traditionally, polenta is served with meat stews or cheese, Bolognese sauce (have a look at our ragù recipe here!) or earthy mushrooms and sausages. Today, we present a simple but elevated way to serve this rustic carbohydrate that will win over your guests.

Traditional polenta is cooked creamy and rich with milk and butter, laced with flavorful cheese, and topped with delicately fried quail eggs. In the Ruffoni home, we like to celebrate the arrival of Fall with one of our most famous and widely exported regional ingredients: truffles. You can serve this mouthwatering appetizer in our copper butter casseroles as part of a multi-course meal, or make it the main act by simply swapping the tiny quail eggs with organic chicken eggs and bringing it to the table in a large serving frying pan for your family and friends to enjoy!

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