Кастрюля - 4qt


Сковорода шеф-повара известна как идеальная посуда для приготовления ризотто. Но благодаря своим универсальным размерам и форме, эта кухонная рабочая лошадка также оптимальна для обжаривания овощей, подрумянивания, а затем кипячения рагу, а также загущения соусов и супов.

Изготовлен из облицованной нержавеющей стали, инновационного материала, который сочетает в себе оптимальную теплопроводность алюминиевого сердечника с большой простотой использования зеркально-полированной нержавеющей стали. Первая посуда из нержавеющей стали ручной штамповки, для красоты, которая длится, эта сковорода Opus Prima Chef также имеет деликатно украшенную ручку из нержавеющей стали, уникальный серийный номер и увенчана вручную отлитым бронзовым наконечником в форме цветной капусты и моркови, который покрыт серебром нашими партнерами-серебряниками в Милане.

Сделано в Италии.

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Becoming familiar with your new ruffoni

Диаметр: 24 см
Высота: 9,5 см
Емкость: 4lt
Материал посуды: облицованная нержавеющая сталь с высокопроводящим сердечником из алюминиевого сплава, вручную
Конечный материал: цельная литая бронза, посеребренное покрытие
Материал ручек: нержавеющая сталь
Крышка: в комплекте
Сейф для духовки: да, до 220 C (430 F)

Арт.No: 99261/OPB2409Z
Плита: все, включая индукцию
Посуда безопасна для посудомоечной машины, мойте крышку вручную
Сделано в Италии

Ideas for use

Getting the most out of your Ruffoni Chef's Pan

There's a reason they call it the "Chef's" pan: taller than a frying pan, but lower than a stockpot, with a wide opening and gently rounded sides, this shape is a cookware wonder, the perfect tool for infinite recipes.

Sauté vegetables with one hand thanks to the high rounded sides, brown chunks of meat on the wide bottom then simmer gently into rich stews, or toss pasta to coat it with its thickened sauce.

While practical and versatile, the Chef pan really shines when making risotto: its wide base ensures a steady absorption of broth, so that all flavors are absorbed while water evaporates quickly, and the rounded sides ease stirring and prevent stubborn grains from getting stuck in the corners. Explore combinations of flavors, from porcini mushrooms and truffle to seafood, all kinds of cheese and vegetables.

Choose this convenient kitchen workhorse for a novice home chef's present or treat yourself: it's the perfect starting point for a copper collection that will grow over the years!

Use and care for the Opus Prima Collection



Recommended for use on all stovetops, including induction. Use a burner that is similar in diameter to the cookware, never heat the pot empty and do not exceed 230 C (450 F). To avoid scratching or dulling the polished surface, do not use knives, sharp kitchen tools, corrosive detergents and metal scouring pads.


Dishwasher use is possible but not recommended to preserve brilliance and prevent rim corrosion from harsh detergents.


The silver-plated finial will naturally tarnish over time: use a silver-polishing cloth to restore its shine, or to polish more thoroughly remove from the lid by twisting the special screw - rotate the screw, not the finial, to prevent damage to the lid. Always hand-wash as dishwasher use would accelerate the silver tarnishing.



Prima, meaning “first” in Latin, is the first collection in the world to bring the traditional copper hammering to clad stainless steel – a material appreciated by chefs and home cooks for its fast and uniform heat distribution, and its practical, induction-suitable and easy-to-clean surface. In this Collection, functionality meets Italian flair – hammered by our master coppersmiths in true Ruffoni tradition and mirror polished, the Opus Prima collection features silver plated finials that celebrate our shared culinary history and traditions.

- Thick core of super conductive aluminum for optimal responsiveness: food will not burn or overcook
- Internally and externally coated in mirror-polished stainless steel: practical, scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean and induction-capable
- Hammered by our master coppersmiths to ensure lasting beauty
- Handles and lids are enriched with finials in exquisite shapes such as acorns, artichokes, vegetables and animals to bring warmth and elegance to any table
- Knobs are cast in solid bronze and silver plated by our partner silversmiths in Milan
- Suitable for all hob tops, including induction, and oven-safe up to 450°F
- Lifetime Warranty
- Made in Italy