The Pasta Queen Collection

Who is the Pasta Queen?

Nadia Caterina Munno, aka The Pasta Queen, was born and raised in Rome – the cradle of the Italian culinary tradition – and now lives in Florida.

Coming from a real pasta dynasty (her family started a pasta factory in Southern Italy in the 1800s), pasta runs in her blood along with her passion for Italian cooking – a passion that Nadia shares through entertaining videos posted on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 

Nadia had been collecting and using Ruffoni cookware for a few years when she joined Instagram and reached out to Giulia: the connection was immediate. A friendship and partnership started, built on our shared love for Italian quality, beauty and great food.

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What we love about Nadia

As an Italian cookware maker, rooted in our country's culinary heritage, we love Nadia’s commitment to passing on traditional cooking techniques that would otherwise be forgotten, and support her mission: teaching her followers that we all can live a longer, happier life making fresh foods from scratch – and turning them into unforgettable moments.

True to Federico Fellini’s quote “Life is a combination of magic and pasta” (and her own “Life is too short for boring pasta recipes”), The Pasta Queen’s cooking tutorials are fun, easy to follow and sprinkled with Italian magic. Learn more on The Pasta Queen website.

Collaborating with us at Ruffoni, Nadia wants to bring a bit of that magic to her followers’ homes: The Pasta Queen Collection is an exquisite line of pots and pans representing joy, beauty and quality – the values we share.

The collection’s ingrredientss:

The Pasta Queen Collection is an heirloom-quality set of cookware that elevates your pasta making game. Through elegant details that add to your decor, and features that translate into delicious meals, this set was especially created to reflect The Pasta Queen’s mission of showing everyone that they can combine great food, beauty, lifestyle, and Ruffoni’s lifelong commitment to craftsmanship, quality and functionality.

This stunning set is made of solid copper and clad stainless steel – the materials of the Ruffoni tradition – for superior heat-conductivity and practicality. Each piece is handcrafted by our skilled artisans, hammered for increased strength and lasting beauty, and finished with The Pasta Queen’s signature pasta crown.

The set's composition, shapes and sizes were especially selected by The Pasta Queen to help her followers recreate her mouthwatering pasta recipes. A trustworthy ally in all culinary adventures, The Pasta Queen Collection will also effortlessly adorn the kitchen when not in use.
Just gorgeous! 

The Pasta Pot/Stockpot


Caterina is the main character of The Pasta Queen Collection.

Time and again, she’ll be there for you, preparing the pasta that sets the stage for your dishes. Rely on this strong pasta pot for the countless delicious meals you’ll make over a lifetime, and let Caterina’s beauty brighten up your kitchen with her hammered copper body and lid, decorated with a knob in the shape of a crown, filled with Nadia’s favorite pasta. 

Thanks to the included pasta insert, Caterina will help you save the precious pasta water (or “the Tears of the Gods”, as Nadia calls it): an essential element to make extra velvety sauces that will cling onto the pasta. Just take the insert out when your pasta is perfectly al dente, and drop it straight into the sauce you are simmering in your Pinuccia chef pan: the Tears of the Gods will be waiting for you at the bottom of Caterina.

And don’t forget, when used without the insert, Caterina is a generously sized stockpot perfect to prepare all sorts stocks, soups and minestrone!


The Chef Pan


Pinuccia is designed to be your partner-in-crime for preparing the most amazing pasta sauces, but thanks to her versatile size and shape, she’s also ideal for browning vegetables, simmering stews, and thickening soups and reductions.

This chef pan has all the ingrredientss to help you become an impressive cook in your own right. Copper’s superior heat conductivity simplifies the process of making tricky recipes like risotto. The pan's high, rounded sides are ideal for embracing your pasta as it finishes cooking in its sauce, and Pinuccia’s practical stainless steel lining stands up to your whisk or spatula as you master any kind of recipe.

Pinuccia always looks beautiful no matter what she’s asked to do: when she's not cooking, her hammered copper body and knob shaped like a Pasta Queen crown make Pinuccia the perfect accent for your stovetop or open shelving... And she’s able to move to the table with style to spare to present your creations!

The Serving/Frying Pan


This stainless steel serving frying pan complements the copper cookware in The Pasta Queen Collection while adding a pan that’s more spacious – for your larger cooking needs.

Wider than Pinuccia, this shallow frying pan can be used to cook almost anything, whether you’re throwing together a delicious pasta carbonara, baking gratin vegetables as a side or searing proteins for an impressive main course. You can even grab the two handles and shift Stella from the stovetop to the oven for your pasta bake or fruit cobbler!

Stella (named after Nadia's great auntie, and also the Italian word for star) shines in her own right with her lustrous hammered clad stainless steel, and her aluminum core gives your cooking ideal heat conductivity. Choose her to prepare any pasta dish, then bring her directly to the table in all her beauty, for every dinner guest to enjoy!

Conceived especially for The Pasta Queen, the Collection is handcrafted at our workshop to bring the beauty, quality and food of Italy to your home. Just gorgeous...