Follow our journey through the years and learn the history of Ruffoni


Antonio's Firstborn

Grandfather Antonio, a skilled craftsman and lover of good food, makes his first copper pot to celebrate the birth of his son, Fremide


Settling in Omegna

Antonio, his wife Ribelle, and their children Antonietta and Fremide, move with all of their belongings from Ariano in Emilia Romagna to Omegna (400+ km) on two bicycles


Fremide & Armida

Fremide marries Armida, and together they dream of starting their own business


The Ruffoni Workshop

Fremide opens his first workshop. Together with artisan blacksmiths from nearby Valstrona valley, they make their first kitchen items from start to finish. The adventure has begun…


Across Italy

Walter, Fremide’s son, is now at the helm of the business. Together with his mother Armida and soon-to-be-wife Rita, they secure the first large national contracts and bring Ruffoni to homes across Italy


Meeting Chuck

Chuck Williams meets Walter and falls in love with the small Italian artisan… Williams Sonoma quickly becomes Ruffoni’s most important customer


Williams Sonoma

Through the collaboration with Williams Sonoma, the Historia stockpot is born: sold across America, it becomes iconic of the Ruffoni brand


The Chefs

Ruffoni works with the best Italian Chefs to learn their needs and preferences and expand our product assortment


Ruffoni Private Collection

After decades of collecting and restoring copper artifacts, Walter inaugurates the Ruffoni Private Collection, where hundreds of antique masterpieces are cherished and preserved, and provide a constant source of inspiration for future creations


Meeting Mr. Cheng

Stanley Cheng, CEO of Meyer, meets Walter. Their families connect over the love of good food, wine and quality cookware. From the friendship stem a partnership and business venture that will grant Ruffoni access to innovative technologies and new materials


A World First

Ruffoni applies the traditional hammering and decorative finishes of copper to innovative multilayer materials: a world first. Opus Prima helps bring the craftsmanship, charm and philosophy of Ruffoni into more homes worldwide


The Story Continues

A new generation of Ruffoni: Giulia joins the business full-time, while Laura and Lorenzo start learning the trade

Proudly local, and quintessentially Italian

The history of our age old craftsmanship continues